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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Graduation & Baccalaureate Information

Cleveland High School

Graduation & Baccalaureate Information

 I want to thank all of you for being such a great class.  I have enjoyed working with you throughout the 2016-2017 school year.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you accomplish great things.  Graduation is quickly approaching and I want to give you a few reminders that I hope will help graduation run smoothly.

1.       Graduation and Baccalaureate are school functions and all school rules apply.  Anyone who violates school rules could have their diploma held by the administration.  A required meeting with the Blount County Board Of Education would take place before the diploma is released to the student.  Our students have always been respectful and demonstrated the appropriate behavior.  I am sure that this graduation ceremony will be no different.

2.       Dress code for gentlemen:  dark pants (no blue jeans), dark shoes, white shirt and tie.

3.       Dress code for ladies:  dark shoes, no flip-flops, dress code appropriate dress or dress pants.

4.       Anyone who does not meet dress code will not be allowed to walk.  If you need help obtaining any of these items please see Mr. Lakey or Mrs. Wilemon.  We can help you locate the items that you need.

5.       Baccalaureate is optional.  This is a church service and you must conduct yourself accordingly.  Dress code also applies to this service.

6.       Graduation practice will begin at 9:30 a.m.  Everyone must be present. If you have a conflict you need to talk to Mr. Lakey.

7.       Graduation is an academic accomplishment.  Therefore, no cords will be allowed at graduation or Baccalaureate.  We will only wear Beta stoles and honor stoles.  If you have honor cords from other organizations we will be glad to present them to you at awards day. However, you will not be allowed to wear them at graduation.

8.       Mrs. Wilemon will present scholarships at graduation.  It is your responsibility to give her this information.  Organizations or colleges who wish to present awards or scholarships can do so at awards day.  The organization must contact Mrs. Wilemon to be placed on the schedule.

9.       The graduation ceremony will take place on the football field weather permitting.  If the weather does not cooperate then the ceremony will take place in the gym.  No one will be allowed to reserve seats for graduation.  Any reserved signs placed on seats or chairs will be removed prior to opening the gates for the public.

10.   If you have any questions or needs please feel free to speak with the administration. 

Graduation is your special day.  It is also a special day for your classmates, your family, and your friends.  Please be mindful of that and do not do anything that would diminish the day for anyone.

Mr. Lakey




                 April 27        7:00 am        Cap and Gown Delivery:  Cost is $75.  This pays for cap, gown, tassel, diploma,

and diploma cover.


                    May 1        8:00 am        Cap and Gown Pictures - both individual and group.


                                        10:00 am     Senior Class Picture at Palisades Park.  Permission form must be turned in to Coach Beard.


                 May 16        1:30 pm       Senior High Academic Awards – See scholarship note below.


                 May 17        10:15 am     Baccalaureate Practice


                 May 18        11:02 am     Senior Exams:  4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Periods


                 May 19        8:00 am        Senior Exams:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd Periods


                 May 21        6:00 pm       Baccalaureate at Cleveland 1st Baptist Church


                 May 25        9:30 am        Graduation Practice on football field.  All seniors are required to attend.


                                        5:30 pm       Seniors should report to the front of the field house.


                                        6:00 pm       GRADUATION will be on the football field (weather permitting). 

Dress code must be followed.



·         Final Credits Needed to Earn a Diploma:  Students who do not have the required credits will NOT be allowed to walk at graduation or receive a diploma.  If you fail a required class for graduation during the spring semester, you will not be allowed to participate in graduation and you will not receive a diploma.

·         Scholarships:  If a college or group wants to present a scholarship to you on academic awards day, contact Mrs. Wilemon so they may be added to the program.  She will not present any scholarships on this day.  Turn in a copy of all scholarships that you receive and have accepted to Mrs. Wilemon (including any that are announced at the Academic Awards Program).  She will announce all scholarships that have been accepted at graduation provided a copy is given to her by Friday, May 19, 2017.

·         Transcripts:  Any transcripts you need for yourself, colleges, or employers should be requested through your Parchment website account.  Currently, there is no cost to you.  After June, seniors will become alumni and will be charged by Parchment for each transcript.  You need to order transcripts at the end of May and/or in June to avoid having to pay for them.  Transcripts will be finalized after the first week in June.  At that time, Mrs. Wilemon will upload any transcripts requested through Parchment.  Any student attending college must have their final transcript sent to the college he/she will be attending.

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Current and former CHS students that are needing a transcript may click here, setup a Parchment account, request transcript, and make payment.