Call Out 04-03-20

Hello Cleveland High School this is your principal Chris Lakey.  I hope all is well with everyone. I am posting this call out onto the school website due to its length.  Teachers will begin working with students next week through online materials, phone calls to you & your child, and with teacher prepared packets.  Please be patient with our staff members as they start this new process. I can assure you that members of our staff will be patient with you and your children throughout this new endeavor.  We will start slow with the hopes that we do not overwhelm anyone during this stressful time. Our goal will be not to overwhelm you or your family.  

We will have four dates throughout the remainder of the school year for the pickup of packets.  Packets will be available for students who do not have access to the Internet. Students that have Internet capabilities do not have to pick up packets from the school if the teachers have successfully contacted them online. The pickup dates are as follows: Thursday April 9th, Tuesday April 21st, Tuesday May 5th, & Thursday May 19th.  All packets that are picked up should be returned to CHS on the following date: May 21st.  Instructions for returning packets will go out at a later date. 

Parents may bring their children through the parent pickup line between 8:00 & 12:00 to pick up student packets.  Everyone must remain inside of your vehicle throughout this process. Neither students nor parents will be allowed to exit the vehicle.  We will approach you and distribute the necessary material to you. All assignments (packets & online) will not require the use of a textbook.  Most textbooks are still inside of the students lockers. I will make a determination about a time and date for locker clean outs at a later date.  

I have also added a list of teacher’s e-mails & school phone extensions onto the school web site.  You can find this at  Parents will have the opportunity to leave a voice mail for specific teachers on their direct line.  We should have this feature up and running by Monday of next week. A list of times that specific teachers and departments will be available for contact are also posted on the school website.  

Once again I would ask that you please be patient with us as we navigate through new waters.  We will help you and your family in any way that we can. I also want to remind everyone that we must stay off of the CHS campus at all times.  The only times that the campus will be open are the dates and times that are scheduled for the pickup and drop off of packets. Please stay safe & Go Panthers.