Important Yearbook Information

Seniors 2019

Yearbook Information


                Hey seniors! This year we’re trying to stay on top of things for the CHS 2018/2019 yearbook. For this to work effectively, it’s important to keep you informed as you make up about a third of the yearbook. The following are different important dates to keep in mind in relation to things that are due, specifically for seniors. If you have questions, please let us know.



Madison Love (Editor)

Caroline Caffee (Co-editor)

Mrs. M (Journalism Sponsor)



September 10-14 Yearbook & Ad package sale

            For $150 you get a full page senior ad and a yearbook

            For $95 you get a half-page senior ad and a yearbook

January 8 – January 18 Senior Ads for sale $130/full page & $75/half page

           This does not include a yearbook. 

           (You will need to add $65 to your order for a yearbook.)

            (If you need to separate this into two payments, please let Mrs. M know.)

February 14th (Thursday) - Senior Ad pictures are due

March 22nd (Friday) – LAST DAY TO ORDER A YEARBOOK

April 26th (Friday) - Senior accomplishments are due


Updated 1-8-19